Hello and Welcome

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Hello and Welcome

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This is the official LEPTON Forum.

During registration you had to agree to some neccessary juristical things that prevent the project members from legal consequences.
And we asked ourselves are there really many additional rules needed?
We think no.
We believe in common sense and therefore ask all forum users to respect other users and avoid personal attacks and defamations.
You can post your question or position in a friendly way and please stick to the facts.

This is a forum, where users will help other users to help themselves. If you want to have key-turn solutions please hire a coder or designer of your choice.
This is a forum about LEPTON CMS, please don't ask for basic html and css informations. There are lots of good sites on the net.

As all other forums we also have moderators who try their best in moderating this forum.
They are enabled to do all neccessary things to keep this forum in that style we all want it.

You have to post in English here, but we don't want you to write perfect grammar. It is important that users can understand your question to give a reasonable answer.
So please do your best and make others understand you.
We talked a lot about multi-language-posts but at the end of the day English is the lowest common denominator.
This ensures that all users benefit from every thread.

Please keep in mind that there is a right to ask but no right to get a reply.
If you got no answer think about your question and maybe you rework your question or give some more details.

That's it for now.
If we have to learn that these less specifications won't work we will modify them.
But we are sure this will not be neccessary.

Thank you.