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Registration/confirmation mail

Posted: Sun 14. Aug 2011, 23:13
by erpe
If you don't receive a confirmation mail after you have registered please have a look at your mail-spamfilter.
In most cases you will find the confirmation mail there.

In all other cases please send an information to
forum [at] lepton-cms [dot] org

Re: Registration/confirmation mail

Posted: Fri 23. Sep 2011, 08:47
by erpe
Seems that gmail and googlemail adresses often handle our confirmation mail as spam.

If you use one of these mail accounts and obviously get no confirmation mail please check your spamfilter.

Re: Registration/confirmation mail

Posted: Sun 8. Apr 2018, 09:25
by erpe
Please notice:
We don't accept gmail acounts for registration from today, because 95% of all spammers use gmail accounts and we are tired of deleting them every single day.